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Kristie Wright began her physical therapy career in 2011, focusing on pediatrics and fascial restrictions. She quickly discovered her passion for manual therapy and has devoted her career to helping people of all ages with pain and dysfunction in multiple systems. In 2018, Kristie opened Libertas Physical Therapy, the only private practice in Missouri with Counterstrain trained therapists.

Counterstrain is a manual therapy treatment that address fascial dysfunction in every system of the human body: Artery, Vein, Lymphatics, Nerve, Musculoskeletal and Ligamentous, Dura, Bone and Cartilage, Visceral, etc. It is an indirect technique in that it does not require stretching or straining of tissues, instead we focus on areas of stasis and decompress the tissues associated with that dysfunction. By doing this, Counterstrain trained therapists are able to decrease pain receptors in an area and “drain” out tender points. The treatments are anatomy driven and specific to each patient. Diagnostically trained therapists use a full body assessment via a cranial scan to determine the system that needs treatment.

See Libertas Physical Therapy for conditions treated or for more information on the science behind Counterstrain.

Table Massage / Deep Tissue

Experience an exclusive massage which integrates Swedish and deep tissue work. Full-body stress relief, deeper muscle work, and NeuroMuscular techniques create a customized session targeted to your specific need.

Burn Scar Massage

Specifically geared for Burn Survivors with or without Skin Grafts. The aim of this massage is to relieve physical irritations associated with 2nd, 3rd, and 4th degree burns, such as itching, swelling, and pain.
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