Full Body Massage / Deep Tissue

Experience an exclusive massage which integrates Swedish and deep tissue work. Full-body stress relief, deeper muscle work, and relaxation techniques create a customized session targeted to your specific need.

NeuroMuscular Therapy 

• Muscle Dysfunction 

• Chronic Pain 

• Breathing Dysfunction 

• TMJ Dysfunction

This deep and detailed therapy addresses your specific muscle complaints which may include jaw pain and popping, breathing difficulties, chronic muscle aches and pains, and range of motion limitations. Using posture and breathing assessment, we will work both the aggravated muscles and those that contribute to them to reduce pain and dysfunction. Session time may include gait, posture and breathing assessment.

45-Minute Destress Massage

This 45-minute session is focused on the head, neck and shoulders. We hold so much of our everyday stress in these areas, and releasing the tension often reduces headaches and tightness but also helps us feel lighter, and more optimistic. 

Infrared Sauna Therapy (Columbia Only)

Experience the healing, prevention, and balance benefits of a customized near, mid, or far infrared Sunlighten mPulse Sauna therapy session. Benefits include detoxification, relaxation, weight loss, anti-aging, improved circulation, lower blood pressure, pain relief, wound healing, and cell health. Additional benefits when combined with Acoustic Resonance Therapy, where the healing effects of sound and vibration bring harmony to all systems of the body to provide a deeper state of relaxation.

Important Health Notes:

* 15 minute sessions are strongly recommended for elderly or if you have not experienced infrared sauna therapy before. No children please.

** It is VERY important that you are hydrating both before and after sauna use with both water and an electrolyte replacement or sports drink!

*** Do not use this sauna to treat any health problems without consulting your physician and/or pharmacist. You may also contact our office for more information.

Canva Spa Stones Massage

Hot Stone Massage Therapy

Hot Stone Massage is a combination of relaxation and deep tissue techniques that blend together seamlessly with the addition of hot stones. Hot Stone massages alleviate stress and tension, as well as increase blood flow and joint flexibility. This method is highly recommended for anyone dealing with stress or anxiety, chronic pain, or anyone simply looking for a new way to relax.
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Full Body Relaxation/ Deep Tissue
NeuroMuscular Therapy / TMJ
Burn Scar Massage
Hot Stone Massage Therapy
Infrared Sauna Therapy
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