Functional NeuroMyoFascial Techniques: The Mover Stabilizer Model & Method

Workshop Details


Hosted by Barb Duggan
DATES: Sept 9-10, 2023

Learning Objectives

Gain a deeper understanding of overlooked causes of Myofascial Pain and Dysfunction from a NeuroMyoFascial perspective
Differentiate between active trigger points, latent trigger points and fascial distortion
Be able to quickly identify dysfunction in the "Mover and Stabilizer muscles" that can lead to, or be the culprit of your patient's pain
Gain an appreciation for long-standing and acute dysfunction driven by the brain/central nervous system which is "simply compensating for an injury/dysfunction/trauma/catastrophic event"
Gain a deeper understanding of the EMOTIONAL impact of injury or trauma on the NeuroMyoFascial and limbic systems.
Review the Adverse Childhood Experiences research (ACEs) as it relates to chronic pain, disability, addiction and disease
Be able to identify specific myofascial pain pattern maps associated with neck, shoulder, hip and low back pain

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the workshop physicians and practitioners will be able to:
Differentiate between active trigger points, latent trigger points, fascial distortion & scarring
Identify more serious neurological issues perpetuating myofascial pain
Identify the genesis of aberrant movement patterns & distorted biomechanics
Identify the impact of injuries on the NeuroMyoFascial system
Apply specific active, dynamic manual therapy techniques to safely and quickly address their patient's myofascial pain
Demonstrate basic competence in applying the Walking Release method to treat dynamic postural dysfunctions

Your Instructor, Shannon Goossen, AP, BA, LMT, CMTPT

Shannon is a Licensed Acupuncture Physician, Massage Therapist and Certified Myofascial Trigger Point Therapist. She is a recognized national expert in treating myofascial pain and solving complex neuropathic pain problems using novel techniques incorporating microcurrent and bioenergetic devices. Shannon teaches nationally and offers private clinical in-services. Shannon has also trained in Functional Medicine and completed the AFMCP. Her many innovations include the development of the Walking Release™ and Mover-Stabilizer™ functional myofascial techniques. She is President of Comprehensive Myofascial Therapy Associates. She is a contributing writer for two textbooks and has had several articles published on spinal disorders, myofascial pain, clinical evaluation and is an award winning presenter on microcurrent. Most recently, Shannon was selected to teach the use of Microcurrent (FSM) to solve chronic pain for a USAF demonstration project. She continues to teach at multiple air force bases and for the military. Shannon was also selected to be on the USAF Wounded Warrior Games Medical Team and the USA Invictus Games Medical Team. Currently her Frequency Specific Microcurrent protocols/algorithms, Walking Release™ and Mover-Stabilizer™ methods are being implemented by MDs, DOs, DC’s, LAc’s, PT’s, OT’s, LMT’s, and Pilates Instructors

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