Neoma Youmans, LMT

Neoma graduated after finishing a 500 hour massage mentorship program in June 2022 and shortly after became a Licensed Massage Therapist in Columbia, Missouri. Since graduating Neoma has completed over 140 hours of training including NeuroMuscular Therapy (NMT), Functional NeuroMyoFascial Technique (FNMFT), lymphatic massage, CORE Fascial Technique, Thai massage and Living Light Reiki Seichim.  

Neoma is dedicated to improving quality of life by helping reduce chronic and acute pain, moving inflammation out of the body, addressing compensation patterns that limit mobility, and promoting healthy fluid flow in the body. 

Neoma specializes in lymphatic massage and neuromyofascial techniques that address lymphatic neurovascular restrictions, fascial distortions, and muscular compensation patterns. This is achieved using NeuroMuscular Therapy, Functional NeuroMyoFascial Technique, lymphatic massage techniques, as well as cupping, vibration, movement and visual imagery as tools on and off the table. 

Lymphatic massage with Neoma typically begins with a full body assessment. In this initial appointment the major lymphatic drainage points are assessed and treated through manual therapy as information is gathered about personal health history, perpetuating factors, and movement patterns. From here a plan of care that best meets the needs and goals of the client is developed. All appointments and treatment plans are highly individualized. Session time may include lymphatic massage, gait and postural analysis, specific muscle treatment, and review of at home practices to support therapeutic goals.


30 minute sessions - $65

45 minute sessions - $80

60 minute sessions - $95

75 minute sessions - $105

90 minute sessions - $140

601 Business Loop 70 W, Ste 129
Columbia, MO 65203
Neuromuscular Therapy
Non-Surgical Lymphatic Massage
Burn Scar Massage
TMJ and Breathing Dysfunction
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